Mock Examinations

Young Education Services holds regular 11+ mock exams for students who are being entered for exams for independent and grammar schools. They are open to the public as well as current students.

An 11+ mock exam is an essential part of 11+ preparation. It offers candidates a chance to benefit from the experience of taking an exam with peers. In addition, the practice of sitting a timed exam and obtaining positive results is encouraging for many of the students. The results allow parents to gauge how well a child is performing and highlight areas for further study.

It is good practice for students to have timed tests regularly under exam conditions, particularly if they are not used to doing them in school.

We are holding two mock exams for Children currently in Yr 6 who will be sitting independent school exams in January 2020 on:

Saturday 12th October (9:15 – 12:15)

Saturday 7th December (9:15 – 12:15)

Please email us to secure a place for your child.

Our popular 11 plus mock exams for children currently in Year 5 will recommence in February 2020.  Please keep an eye on our website for dates.

Cost of the exam will be £67.50.

All mock exams are held at our Centre (in the annex at the back of the playground)  at James Wolfe Primary School, SE10 8RZ.

All exams are 1pm-4pm (with exception of 14th and 28th August)