Success Stories


I am writing to share with you good news that H has received an offer from St Olaves for Y7 place in September 2019.   In addition to this H also received the maximum scholarship to continue his education to the Senior School at Eltham College.  Many thanks for your and the teachers help in educating H throughout his journey of 11+. Without you and your team H might not be able to achieve what he has achieved to date.

Z and family [January 2019]


We are really pleased that F  passed all 11+ tests and made top 180 in Bexley. As you know her sister T also used YES and got into Townley Grammar School.  Without your support this would not have been possible. Thank you so much for all you do for the children in Greenwich…

From Charles and family [Dec 2018]

– – – –

“Dear Ms Potter,

I am pleased to let you know that H has passed Kent and Bexley Selection Tests, for admission to a Kent grammar school as well as the grammar schools in Bexley. He has also recently passed the first stage of St Olave’s test, and will be sitting for the stage two test on Friday, the 9th of November.
I am writing to thank you and the YES teachers efforts in helping H to be ready for his entrance tests. Really thank you.”   [Z – Oct 2018]

– – – – –

L’s results have come out and she has done extremely well.
She took two tests: In Bexley she is one score away from the top 180.  For Kent, she scored equally well.
I wanted to say thank you to all of you, especially her teacher M. We really appreciate her work and other teachers who helped her along the way.
L enjoyed her time there very much. She could not have done this without all of your help.   [F – 2018]
– – – – –
“A happy learning environment. It was caring and nurturing. Approachable and friendly staff. An excellent centre for optimising a child’s learning potential.

We are delighted that our daughter passed her 11+ with ease. Thank you for all your support.” [IMB 12/2017]

– – – – –

“YES is a special place where each child is valued and given the opportunity to thrive. Three of my children have attended. My last child struggled with certain areas of the curriculum. He has gone from being a below average student to one that has passed his 11+. We are eternally grateful.” [12/2017]

– – – – –

“After each session my son ….. returned from his session at YES happy and excited to go back to the next session. We had excellent advice and support from the staff. The varied activities were  certainly engaging. The initial national assessment was invaluable and helped us understand …’s levels.

The staff have a really good understanding of each child’s capabilities and encouraged my son to reach his full potential. We will be back with son number two!!” [7/2017]