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Successful applications to all schools will depend on your application meeting the school’s criteria for admission

Start finding out about schools now!  Remember you will need to choose schools and submit the application almost a year before your child plans to start secondary school — more than a year before, for Bexley selective grammar schools.  Talk to teachers, other parents and carers and think about what is important for your child. 

Step 1:  Do your research

Consider which schools may be appropriate for your child.  Study our section on finding the right school.  Visit the schools you are interested in and look at their admission criteria in detail.  If your child has a statement of special educational needs then consult with the special educational needs team.

Step 2:  Decide on your school preferences

Maximise your chances of getting a school of your choice by entering up to six schools on the common application form.  If your child meets most of a school’s criteria they will have a greater chance of being offered a place over another child who doesn’t meet the criteria.  More ‘ticks’ against a school’s admission criteria suggest you should list that school as a higher preference.  Your order of preferences is very important.

Step 3:  Get your application in on time and ensure it is signed

It is essential to refer to the application procedures for your chosen schools to make sure you comply on time (see the Key Dates section).  See our Fact File section for links to school and LEA websites.  For help in filling-in the common application form (CAF), study our Guidelines for completing the application.  Note that some schools (typically selective schools and voluntary-aided faith schools) require a supplementary application form (or ‘SIF’ information form) to be submitted as well.  Post your application, or apply on-line with e-Admissions.  You must apply direct to independent (private) schools.

Step 4:  Respond to your offer of a school place by the closing date.

Generally local council school admissions will always try to place children within a school of their highest preference, but this is not always possible.  If this happens they will allocate a place for your child at the nearest community school.

It is important that you accept the place offered to ensure that your child has a place reserved for the start of the school year in September.

The offer of a place at a secondary school is conditional until proof of address has been confirmed by the school.

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