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Terms & Conditions

1. Children attending Young Education Services for tuition are expected to keep to our term dates once booked. Please note that these dates may differ slightly from your child’s school dates. All booked dates will be emailed to you, no reminders will be sent. However if you have mislaid these dates, please email youngeducationservices@hotmail.com and request another copy. Details of our half term courses will be emailed to you.

2. Payment for tuition must be made in advance. You will be invoiced accordingly. We are unable to accept on site payments. Bank payment will be suitable. Unfortunately we are unable to accept students for tuition without prior payment. If you have not received an invoice please contact us at youngeducationservices@hotmail.com. Our account details are as follows:


Sort code: 40-02-25

Account number: 71155601

3. Tuition fees include the use of educational equipment. All materials must be returned after use. Any materials which have been lost or damaged must be paid for in full.

4. Your child may bring along their own refreshments, such as a carton of juice / bottle of water (no glass bottles please) and a small healthy snack e.g an apple. We do not provide drinks on site other than water.

5. Please ensure that your child has his/her own named pencil case equipped with ruler, pencils, rubber, sharpener and geometry equipment (if needed). They will also need a ringbinder folder and lined paper to work on. Please note there will be no provision for stationery at YES.

6. We appreciate that sometimes your child will be unable to attend tuition due to illness or school activities. If we receive 24 hours’ notice or more, then your child will be offered a replacement lesson. This replacement lesson must be taken within three weeks of absence. Please note we are only able to offer a few replacement lesson times as we are often fully booked. If appropriate, we would appreciate a copy of a doctor’s certificate if your child is sick. If you are requiring a replacement lesson due to a school activity, a copy of the letter regarding the school activity is required. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE UNABLE TO ORGANISE MORE THAN ONE

REPLACEMENT LESSON PER TERM. In the event of further absence due to illness or school activity, a correspondence lesson will be provided. In exceptional circumstances, please email our senior staff at youngeducationservices@hotmail.com and they will make a decision on your behalf.

7. In any event, if less than 24 hours’ notice is given, we shall provide a correspondence lesson. This means that your child’s lesson will be sent to your home to be completed.

8. If a lesson is forgotten then the Centre will not be able to provide a correspondence lesson or a replacement lesson and the full fee must be paid.

9. If your child is unable to attend tuition due to a social arrangement or holiday, we will provide a correspondence lesson. Again notice by email is required.

10. With reference to illnesses, there are certain illnesses that occur in children where they are not allowed to attend tuition until they are fully recovered. The most common of these illnesses are: chicken pox (recommended time to keep a child from attending is 5 days from the onset of rash), German measles (Recommended time off is 5 days from on set of rash), impetigo (recommended time off is until lesions are crusted and healed), diarrhoea/vomiting (recommended time off is until diarrhoea/vomiting have settled and for 24 hours after). There are other illnesses and for further advice, please see the poster entitled ‘Guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings’, which can be found on the Health Protection Agency website, or seek advice from your GP.

11. Please note that any wounds must be dressed and covered. We cannot apply sticking plasters at the centre in case of allergy.

12. If you wish to cancel tuition on a permanent basis, 4 full lessons’ notice in writing is required. You can send your notice letter by email.

13. We reserve the right to discontinue tuition, either with 4 lessons notice, or in exceptional circumstances, with immediate effect.

14. It is extremely important that students arrive punctually for their lessons and are collected on time. They may arrive up to 5 minutes before their lessons begin. We have no facility for parents to wait on site. Students must be collected promptly as we are required to adhere to strict opening/closing times at our new facility, and for this reason we will no longer be open between 12.20-12.55 on Saturdays. Please note that we do not have facilities to look after children when they are not in class. We also do not have the facility to look after other siblings who are not attending. Please ensure that you look after all of your children that are on site. If your child is not collected promptly after their lesson ending, there will be a charge of £2.00 for each 15 minutes thereafter. It is also imperative that you register your child with our staff on arrival and sign out once they have attended their lesson (this is in accordance with Health and Safety Regulations).

15. Please also note that we are not authorised to book with taxi cabs to collect children. If you wish to book a taxi for your child we must informed by yourself prior to the collection. We must also know the name of the taxi company and driver and the driver must show some form of identification. If these steps are not taken we will not be able to let your child leave the premises.

16. It is important that homework is completely by each child on a regular basis. You will note that with each lesson pack, a comments sheet is enclosed. This is for parents to use each time homework is issued and return duly signed. Your comments are very helpful to the child’s tutor, as much information about his or her strengths and weaknesses can be gained from them. Please look at your child’s marked returned work. We do try wherever possible to go through corrections or include them in the next week’s questions. It is not always possible in the short time to go through every possible correction. If this is the case, we would ask parents to be supportive in their child’s completion of corrections.

17. We are available to discuss your child’s progress regularly. It is usual for parents to book an appointment with us once a term. However, if you wish to see us more frequently, then this is not a problem. Please email your requirements for meetings to youngeducationservices@hotmail.com or speak to your child’s tutor.

18. Y.E.S. must be notified of a change in personal details e.g. address, telephone number, school etc.

19. We cannot accept any child onto the premises of Y.E.S. unless we have received your completed registration form and agreement contract in advance. You may email these to us.

20. When your child is attending Young Education Services, we must be able to contact you directly in the event of an emergency. It is therefore essential that your mobile is kept on at all times. If you are on a different number on a day that your child is attending Young Education Services, you must inform the staff, who will log your number down on the register for the day.

21. If you would like someone to collect your child who is not a person named on the collection form, you must call the centre personally and inform the staff.

22. Please do not bring bicycles, buggies, scooters etc. into the building. They cause an obstruction and contravene our health and safety rules. We are also unable to have dogs on the premises unless they are guide dogs for the blind or hearing dogs.

23. Parents must be responsible for the safety, care and wellbeing of younger children accompanying them onto the premises when they bring and collect students from Young Education Services tutorials. If this does not happen we will not be able to have siblings on site as it disturbs the studies of other students. There are obviously health and safety concerns as well.

24. Young Education Services accepts no responsibility or liability for possessions brought onto the premises. We discourage students from bringing MP3 players and expensive mobile phones to lessons, although we appreciate that mobile phones may be necessary.

25. If you need to contact the centre in an emergency, please call 07935 422 553. All other communication must be by email or directly with a member of staff when your child attends.

Thank you for your continued support.

Lin Potter B. Ed Dip Maths

Principal, Young Education Services

Updated August 2016

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